Aru Aru'Woven Basket with Handles'

Aru Aru'Woven Basket with Handles'


Aru Aru handmade woven baskets

Made from Koruwoi Vine by Lepasa in Lupumoitemo Village, Siwai, South West Bougainville, 2018. 

These stunning traditional woven baskets are made entirely from natural vine, called ‘Koruwoi’. The vines are processed and sorted into natural colour variations before Lepasa starts his weaving and reveals the traditional patterns. No dyes are used to make the colourations.

These baskets are used for many different purposes in the villages. They often hold food and gifts and are given in reconcilliation.  

The flay trays without handles are very special and often used to hold and give shell money. 

Direct trade from PNG to Cairns. Made under ethical and fair trade practices. Supporting traditional practice and artisans. 

Measurements: Baskets 80cm diameter, 7cm height to top handle.