Tommy Pau, Cuppa Canoe (Corrugated Canoe)

Tommy Pau, Cuppa Canoe (Corrugated Canoe)


Linocut printed in black ink from one block

Edition of 10, 2013

Paper size: 565 x 760mm

Printed by Elizabeth Hunter

Artwork story: We would make canoes out of old or new corrugated iron. We use the canoe to fish in, spear fish, paddle around the mangrove on the king tides and go the dump to look for things we could use to put in our house that we built in the mangroves. We would lash fort four gallon drums to make a raft to put large items such as couch to take to our house in the mangroves.
We also made esky model of boats we saw in the harbour. Some of the models were so accurate that they exact replicas.  We were aware of the danger of the mangrove but crocodiles were not a threat as they are now.