Adrian King Untitled LOCKAK0502

Adrian King Untitled LOCKAK0502


 Adrian King 2007, 660 x720mm Cat no: ak20070502  untitled 

Acrylic on canvas, 2007
Dimensions: 660 x 720 mm
Catalogue number: AK20070502

Adrian King is a Lama Lama man from Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. He lives in Lockhart River and is a member of the Lockhart River Art Gang.

The Art Gang's work is a contemporary response to the environment, culture and traditions of this isolated Aboriginal Community. It expresses some of the realities of being Aboriginal and the strong influences of traditional culture and values in their world. They have developed their own forms of expression which are very different from the art of central Australia and other parts of Australia. The art from Lockhart River promotes the cultural identity of young Aboriginal people in contemporary Australian culture.

Painting is Adrian's preferred medium where, in his unique and naive style, he likes to use bright colours to document life in his community.

Adrian has exhibited widely over the last eleven years including solo exhibitions at Andrew Baker Art Dealer in Brisbane and Alcaston Gallery in Melbourne along with group exhibitions at the Institute of American Indian Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico and the Booker-Lowe Gallery in Houston, Texas with other members of the Lockhart River Art Gang.