Aiona Tala Gaidan, Purru dhangal (dugong mating)

Aiona Tala Gaidan, Purru dhangal (dugong mating)


Vinyl relief print on Arches paper, 2011
Edition of 40

Dimensions: 840 x 770 mm

Badu Island is one of the most western islands of Zenadh-Kes (Torres Strait), roughly situated between the tip of Cape York Peninsula and Papua New Guinea.

Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh on Badu Island is one of Australia’s foremost Indigenous Art Centres, where an exciting group of artists create intricate works on paper in the media of linocut prints and etchings.

The purpose of Badhulgaw Kuthinaw Mudh is to encourage the renewal, strengthening and expression of Badu Island’s visual and spoken language – its Culture – while providing skills development and training that may lead to complete self-determination.

Further, the artists say that they create art reflecting strong cultural traditions and beautiful relationships with the world around them, carefully expressing love and dedication to the Ocean, to the Island and all the Creatures dwelling there. The artists show their relationships with the wind, rain, earth, skies, stars and the sun.

Our life cycle is the same as the cycle of the world around us.