Susie Pascoe; 'By the pier'

Susie Pascoe; 'By the pier'


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Acrylic on Belgian linen, 2011
590 x 890 mm
Catalogue number: SP20100303

Artist: Susie Pascoe
Region: Pascoe River and Night Island
Language: Kukuya'au
Born: 1935

Biography: We were at Old mission, finished school at 16, that sort of thing. We go to work straight on job, like we work at staff house, doing the cleaning up, learn and help our parents on the hillside garden - looking after sweet potato, corn, pumpkin. Four villages had their own garden, working with that Superintendent. Then I worked at the hospital, helping Father, cooking and washing.

My husband, Arthur Pascoe working as a pearl lugger, Old Site with many island people. "Yola" was his boat for the pearling trade and trochus. My maiden name was Susie Ropeyarn.

I got engaged then called banns in church for our marriage. We had six girls and four boys. I looked after mynchildren, and asked my Mum to look after them when I went fishing. Then we moved to New Site (currently Lockhart River).

They moved us up here, it all depends on airport, when the sea was rough, you couldn't get to the airport. We miss Old Site, we still thinking about 'im. We bin weaving there, Topsy Clarmont, Ruth Clarmont's mother, was always weaving at New Site. We made mats at Old Site, we made mats for church, school, for our homes, and for old people to sit under the trees.

We started painting when Camille came along and we love it too.