Akay Koo'oila 'Untitled2012'painting

Akay Koo'oila 'Untitled2012'painting


Untitled, c. 2012 

synthetic polymer paint on canvas

78 x 76 cm


Artist: Akay Koo'oila (1923 - 2014) 

Clan group: Apalech


Akay Marbthowan Koo'oila was born on the 1st July 1923 at Walgnall, now an outstation south of Aurukun. She lived all her life in and around Aurukun and was married to Eric Koo'oila, a significant figure in the Land Rights Movement. They had four children.


Akay started painting a week before her eighty-seventh birthday and continued to paint until her death at 91 years of age. Over these four years she exhibited in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne and Sydney. She formed a dedicated women's painting group at the Home and Community Care centre (HACC) in Aurukun.

Her paintings are like maps in which she uses shape and colour to show different landmarks and aspects of country, like rivers and their bends, swamps, trees, flowers, fruits and seasonal changes.