Alick Tipoti 'Bidul (dolphins)'

Alick Tipoti 'Bidul (dolphins)'


Linocut, hand-coloured, 2012
Edition of 50
Published by the Australian Art Print Network
Image size: 400 x 720 mm
Paper size: 600 x 800 mm
Editioning printer: Theo Tremblay, Editions Tremblay NFP Cairns QLD

Artist: Alick Tipoti  
Language: Kala Lagaw Ya of the Maluilgal (mid western island) 

Artist: Alick Tipoti, born 1975, is one of the foremost Torres Strait printmakers. He holds an Associate Diploma in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art from TNQITAFE and a Bachelor of Visual Art (Printmaking) from Canberra Institute of Art, ANU. He is committed to preserving the languages and cultural traditions of the Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait) region. He won the Telstra Award for a work on paper in 2003 and 2007 and the Lin Onus Youth Art Prize in 1998. His practice includes sculpture as well as printmaking, and his work is held in numerous national and international collections.  

Story: European explorers to the Torres Strait in the mid-18th century described the local people as dolphins because of their diving and swimming skills.The patterning in the print represent the waves of my culture. Bidul represents the description these strangers to our region gave to my forefathers.